Errors after updating WordPress – what to do?

It is not a problem to recover a simple company website’s version from a week ago. What may prove more troublesome is the recovery of a store’s previous version. Errors after updating WordPress or its plugins happen. However, if you use WordPress technical support services, all you have to do is contact the company that supports you. But what if you don’t use such services and you have to deal with it yourself?

Before you click on this innocent-looking button,

read the technical documentation of the updated components. There you may find that the new version is not compatible with other active plugins on your site. Or that there is no version compatible with the version of your CMS. While you can use free plugins to back up your website, bear in mind that free versions have their limitations.

It is safest to outsource this task to the SiteCare team – a team that specializes in WordPress technical support.

“If you have purchased SiteCare’s technical support package, we prepare a copy of your website on our test server. All updates are always carried out first on the test version of your website. We implement the update on your actual page only when we are entirely sure that it will not disrupt the operation of the site.”

Sandra Trela, Happiness Engineer w SiteCare

What if the ship has sailed?

OKAY. You do not have a back-up. You have clicked. And instead of a back-up, you have a “fuck up”. Do not panic. Depending on the error and the situation, there are at least a few things you can do. If an error is minor (e.g., unwanted code appears on your site) or a non-crucial functionality is not working, check which plugin is causing trouble. You can try disabling the updated plugins one after another. Once you disable the troublemaker, the error should disappear. Doing so will give you time to seek an alternative or hire a specialist to eliminate this error.

Another way to deal with this is to install an older but working version of the plugin. To do this, you can use the WP Rollback plugin and go to the “plugins” section to undo the problematic version. However, for security reasons, we cannot recommend it as a permanent solution. To completely resolve the problem, contact the company that deals with the technical support of your site.

The last resort: web hosting provider

If you didn’t do the back up yourself, maybe your web host did it for you. Some providers offer an automatic back-up in their packages. However, you must bear in mind that even if it is possible to restore the web version, it may be a version from a week ago. If that is the case, do not procrastinate. Some web hosting providers have short-cycle back-ups and store them very briefly. There is a risk, therefore, that your provider will only have back-ups of the already broken version

If it is a simple company website, restoring the version from a week ago will not be a problem; if it is a store, it may be problematic.

Perfect solution

You spend your days running a business, going to meetings, managing employees, and planning your company’s development. You spend your evenings backing up the website and carrying out updates. Doesn’t it sound bizarre? Almost as if the last sentence was a part of another story. Therefore, instead of wasting valuable time on doing updates on your own, consider hiring professionals to do 24-hour monitoring of the site and take care of what you are best at, i.e., your own business. Or rest.

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