More sales, less time. Impossible? Check ShopMagic marketing automation plugin for WooCommerce

In this article you will find at least three (possibly more, but you need to reach the end of the article) benefits of using a marketing automation solution in your WooCommerce store.

Let’s start with a puzzle:

Marketing Automation Puzzle

What is it? – It saves you a lot of time, it builds customers loyalty and earns you more money. All at the same time.

Do you know the answer? Good for you! If you don’t, grab a coffee – or other favourite drink – and spend the next few minutes, reading about the benefits of marketing automation. I’ll try to briefly explain why you should use marketing automation in WooCommerce stores in 2020.

There are tons of articles, which are defining and explaining the benefits of marketing automation with lots of technical jargon. In this article, I’ll try to simplify things and show you the most important advantages of marketing automation. To do it, we will use the hints from the puzzle, with some additional examples.

Hint 1: It saves you a lot of time.

Marketing Automation Save Time Money

Using marketing automation solutions, lets you automate regular or repetitive (but still important!) tasks and spend time on more complex work. Of course, marketing automation is not only used to do simple work – it can do much more.

From the customers perspective, it is welcome (if not required!) to be informed about changes in order status. From a shop owner perspective, it’s desirable to reward customers with some coupons, inform potential clients about abandoned carts or send some review requests.

All of this takes time. Actually, a lot of time, which is increasing with every additional client and product in the store. With marketing automation software, like ShopMagic, all of the work can be done in no-time. What is even better in automating tasks, is the fact that setting up a bunch of automations in ShopMagic, is a classic example of doing more in less time.

An appropriate set of automations will reach hundreds of clients or newsletter recipients, while you… well it’s your saved time, so do whatever you like.

Hint 2: It builds customer loyalty.

Marketing Automation Customer Loyalty

Loyal and happy customer is worth its weight in gold. Well, not literally, but almost every shop owner knows the importance of a long-time relation between him and customers.

Building a strong relationship with the customer is a slow process. Not to mention bigger stores, with bigger customer base, where it is almost impossible to personally interact with every client.

What can you do? Forget about it? Can you afford it? It’s not hard to guess what will be your answer for such a question. Here comes the solution, which is marketing automation.

We are developing ShopMagic, not only to maintain the relation between shop owner and customer, but also to extend it. How is it possible?

Firstly, with automated communication, you will never ever forget about your customers. ShopMagic will also let you send delayed actions and request reviews. Moreover, you will be able to personalize interactions, with customer coupons or exclusive offers.

Hint 3: It earns you more money.

Marketing Automation Earn Money

If you read previous hints, I bet that you’d thought about the impact of marketing automation to the company’s revenue. Indeed, I like to think about it in two ways – passive and active. Passively – through saved time and loyal clients, encouraged by your actions (automations!), visiting your store more often.

What if you add some more active actions, like cross-selling and up-selling products. If that is not enough – we are working for a special add-on to ShopMagic, to solve the problems with abandoned carts in WooCommerce stores.

One more hint. It’s free.

Sounds good? So here’s one more reason to implement marketing automation solutions in your store. It’s free. Well, it can be if you will choose ShopMagic.

Core functionalities of ShopMagic are and always will be free. If that’s not enough for you, check the ShopMagic PRO version. It comes with lots of add-ons, like customer coupons and review requests.

If you are still not convinced and asking yourself – What should be the next step? Should I give it a chance? Will I really benefit from it?

Here’s the answer – Yes. But don’t count on me in that matter. Check more than 1000 WooCommerce stores, which are using ShopMagic on a regular basis.